Modular Data Centers

Modular Data Centers

100kW to 100MW+

There are many benefits of building modular or prefabricated data centers.

Others Talk Modular, We Implement It.

By going modular you increase speed, scalability, and quality, and are more cost-effective. We reduce Jobsite complexity by building the data center modules in a factory. This manufacturing approach to building a data center enables increased safety and repeatability. Building in a factory also minimizes weather-related delays. While the civil/site work is happening to prepare the slab, the modules can be built on a parallel path, which often saves 30% – 50% on your project schedule.

Profitable Data Center Development Requires Modular Outside Cooling & Power Infrastructure for Both New Construction and Data Center Refresh


Prefabricated Components manufactured off site lead to a lower cost, quality end product. As an example, electrical rooms are factory-tested and commissioned, making them UL-listed before they even arrive on site, eliminating the need for local wiring inspectors and highly skilled electricians on site. This approach greatly reduces the need to source difficult skilled labor, and gives local municipalities less to inspect and approve, increases commissioning velocity, and enhances speed-to-market.

Modular builds enable you to scale in the increments or chunks you want Just In Time.