Government, Retail, Enterprise, Telecom

Expand Your Enterprise while Increasing Capacity,
Resiliency, & Efficiency for Your Data Center

Integra designs and builds data centers focused on the unique needs of each Enterprise client.

  • Financial/Banking/Fintech/Insurance clients have additional requirements for redundancy and security. Integra’s Innovative Solutions and Intelligent Designs helps clients with these needs.
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) clients have challenges with needing more High-density Cooling solutions and Immersion Cooling. With our project experience we are well prepared to help these customers.
  • Government and DOD clients sometimes need Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or SCIF. Integra has great solutions here.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic Retail has changed. Some Retail clients have turned their stores into data centers to enable more Edge computing and E-commerce. Our Modular Power, Cooling, and Whitespace Infrastructure enables our customers to turn any space or warehouse into a data center.
  • Telecom clients need Micro Modular Edge Data Centers to tie in cell towers for 5G, content delivery, and applications such as autonomous vehicles. With the Work from Home (#WFH) movement during the Coronavirus we have seen Internet Exchanges and Telco Networks experience unprecedented bandwidth challenges. Telecom clients are responding by turning older central offices into modern data centers and they are adding cable landing stations for undersea cables. Our Prefab approach helps with all of these applications.