Let the Speed-to-Market Leader Enable a Colocation Revenue Advantage of $12M, $24M, or Even More

In the colocation sector, Speed to Market isn’t just a buzzy business phrase; it is real money and a decisive point of differentiation.

In an industry rife with construction delays, missed timelines, and 12 to 18-month builds, Integra Mission Critical builds data centers fast. A 20 MW (or even larger) data center can be constructed from groundbreaking to commissioning in 6 months.

How does that impact your bottom line as a colocation provider?

*Based on a 20MW lease @ $100 kW per month

Accelerating colocation revenue in such a dramatic manner is not a pipe dream, but a proven process as a result of utilizing the innovative methodologies of Integra Mission Critical. Time and time again this speed-to-market has been delivered by Integra, without delays, cost overruns, or excuses.

Integra Mission Critical only builds data centers, not office buildings, schools, warehouses, or shopping centers. We have proven that building a data center from the ground up in six months is an achievable reality. And not just your average data center, but one built to maximize white space with industry-leading energy efficiency, at the lowest cost per megawatt in the industry.

Talk to us about how Integra can enable your colocation company to get leasing revenue flowing faster than you ever imagined.