Mission Critical CoolingBlox

Integra Mission Critical’s CoolingBlox units are packaged cooling units that deliver optimal temperature and humidity for peak performance and protection of your IT infrastructure. They are specifically designed for your particular climate, geography, and desired peak PUE and WUE. Any level of redundancy, including a strategy of blended resiliency, is supported by CoolingBlox. CoolingBlox are sized to match the electrical block load, which optimizes CapEx spend, limits OpEx cost, reduces risk, and enhances serviceability. The units reside outside the data hall to optimize white space utilization, allow for just in time implementation, reduce construction expenses, and enable service in maintenance to occur without requiring access to the data center floor.

Our CoolingBlox Technology
Delivers High-Powered Computing & Extreme Cost Savings

CoolingBlox units are manufactured in a clean environment and assembled, prepackaged and fully commissioned in Integra Mission Critical’s Akron, Ohio lab and finishing center prior to shipment to your data center. This reduces the complexity and cost of the construction process while significantly enhancing both quality control and time-to-market of a data center build or refresh. CoolingBlox are purposefully designed to handle the demands of high-density cooling and the application-specific demands of data centers. For example, we have designed the units for a rapid data hall recovery following utility power failure. This design prevents re-circulation of hot return into the data hall. Importantly, we build specifically for data centers.

Most cooling unit manufacturers overlook the application-specific details of a data center and manufacture for data centers as though they were simply a traditional building. In practice, data centers have different flow and risk profiles that require specialized unit construction for peak efficiency and performance. At Integra we purpose- build our own units utilizing materials of construction that are properly suited for data centers, as what is needed is not commercially available.